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Deep mattress cleaning in Nairobi. We removes dust mites and lifts body grease, urine stain and common stains, fast drying times. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. We will refresh your mattress.

The usual recommendation for this service is to take place every 6 months. Regular mattress cleaning helps to protect your mattress and extends its life. Mattress cleaning Nairobi is one of the best known solutions to kill any bacteria that live in your mattress and eliminate dust mites.

People, who suffer with most common skin conditions and allergies such as: eczema, asthma, itchy skin will benefit the most from this steam cleaning service.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service Nairobi

Green Carpet’s mattress technicians are equipped with the latest professional machinery on the market. We use powerful hot water extraction system, which simultaneously cleans and dries the material of your mattress. The powerful injection of spray with detergent kills the bacteria rooted in the mattress, eliminates dust mites and cleans the dirt. The suction system extracts the dirt, fungus and deodorizes the fabrics. It leaves you with a healthy and clean mattress.

When you go to bed at night, you probably want to feel relaxed and ready for some good night's sleep. Clean, nice-smelling bedding can work like a charm and send you dozing in practically no time.

But what if the mattress you are sleeping on is old and moldy?

What if it has unpleasant stains all over it? That certainly won't do much for your sleeping experience.

But how do you clean a mattress and avoid these problems? You couldn't possibly put in a washing machine, and vacuuming it won't do much, either.

We are professionals at cleaning mattresses

Well, look no further. Luckily, you have just reached the masters of mattress cleaning! With our advanced methods, we will make sure your mattress is thoroughly clean and fresh-smelling. We use sophisticated techniques to remove stains and make your mattress dust-free. In addition, the services we provide our quick and efficient - so we will have your mattress ready for you whenever you need it. Try our services once and we can assure you that you will come again! A professionally cleaned mattress is heavenly to sleep on, Just try it out and you will see for yourself.
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The best way to deal with mattress stains is to not let them happen in the first place. However, with kids and pets running around the house, that’s easier said than done.

And while it may be tempting to calling professionals, in reality, most mattress stains can be removed with natural products you already have lying around at your home.


To be a bit more concrete, you’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • 3% Hydrogen peroxide
  • Clear washing up liquid
  • Liquid detergent
  • Essential oils (optional)

If you have read some of our previous articles on carpet stain removal, the above products are likely already familiar to you. Unsurprisingly, they also work on mattresses!

Important note: The compiled home remedies may not be effective on all mattress types. Consider getting in touch with the mattress manufacturer to ensure how best to clean your specific mattress before using any cleaning product on it.

Another important note: Remove the bedding from the mattress and put it in the washer. If you have a mattress topper, just get it out of the way for the time being. And be aware that your mattress may not be usable for the same night, as some of the cleaning procedures require for the products to stay on top of the mattress for a bit more than just a few minutes.


How to remove sweat stains from a mattress?

To sweat during sleep is completely natural – we all do it, and there’s no shame in that. Therefore, we should all learn how to deal with the consequences, a.k.a. the stains.

Now, it should be pointed out that the yellower the stains are, the more difficult it would be to fully remove them. That’s due to them slowly forming over time, and not receiving the proper attention in a timely manner. But fear not! By following the below steps, you ought to at least slightly improve the look of your mattress:

  1. Into a bowl, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, and add a dash of washing up liquid. Stir it up well and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle.
  2. Go to the mattress and soak the stained areas with the solution. Don’t be afraid to fully saturate the marks, even if you have to spray the whole mattress.
  3. Put a timer on for 30 minutes, and go make yourself some tea.
  4. Grab a cloth or two, preferably microfibre ones, and blot the excess liquid that you just sprayed onto the mattress. No rubbing, no scrubbing, no circular motions. Just blot until there’s no more moisture transferred onto the cloth.
  5. At this point, some of the stains would have hopefully been removed or at least improved upon. If, however, you don’t see any visible difference, repeat steps from 2 to 4.
  6. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda onto the mattress and let it sit. The longer it stays there, the better. If you can leave it for a full 2.="2." hours, it would be best. To put it simply, baking soda does a great job in absorbing moisture, and is a great deodorizer.
  7. Lastly, hoover the baking soda up and enjoy the new look and feel of your mattress!

How to get urine stains out of your mattress?

No matter how the accident occurred or whom it was caused by, urine stains are no joke and should be dealt with immediately! Don’t trust us? Ask any parent!

From our professional experience as a mattress steam cleaning company, urine stains (and odours) are not as difficult to be removed compared to sweat ones, assuming you notice them on time. The below recipe is for those exact cases (when the stain is still fresh).

  1. In a spray bottle, mix 1:1 lukewarm water and white vinegar.
  2. Spritz the cleaner over the stain until it’s visibly damp.
  3. Then, with a dry cloth, start treating the stains using only blotting motions.
  4. Repeat this process as many times as it’s needed, until the stain is either barely visible or completely removed.
  5. Akin to the sweat stain removal method, sprinkle baking soda onto the treated urine stains and let it for a while.
  6. Once the baking soda has completely absorbed the excess moisture, and simply go over it with a hoover.

To confirm, the above method is better suited for fresh urine stains. For ones, which have happened a while ago, you need a certain amount of luck, and the ability to follow the below cleaning method:

  1. Combine 250ml of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 to 3 drops of washing up liquid and a few drops of essential oil to help neutralize the urine odour.
  2. Spray the mixture over the stain and simply let it sit until it’s fully dry.
  3. You’ll notice when it’s fully dry once a solid paste has formed – that’s when you need to hoover it up.
  4. Repeat if the stain or the smell persist.

How to remove blood stains from a mattress?

To remove blood stains, the use of cold rather than hot or warm water is absolutely vital. Reason being, hot water helps the blood bond with the mattress material, in other words completely sealing the stain. You obviously don’t want that to happen, so just follow the steps below:

  1. If the stain is fresh, grab some paper towels and absorb as much of it as you can with dabbing motions.
  2. Then, mix equal parts cold water and white vinegar in a spray bottle, and soak the stained area.
  3. Use a clean cloth or paper towels to dap it, and re-apply the solution when needed.
  4. Repeat until the stain is removed or can no longer be improved.

How to remove coffee, tea and wine stains from your mattress?

The second most common mattress stains, behind bodily fluid ones, are those caused by drinks. Now, you may not like drinking or snacking in bed, but many people do! And in all honesty, who can blame them? Being served a morning coffee by your partner can be a great start to the day!

For spillages which have just happened, you should firstly look to absorb as much of the liquid as possible with a cloth or paper towels. Just blot, don’t rub, as that will drive the stain deeper into the mattress. You’ll then need to slightly re-dampen the stain, and apply a generous amount of salt or baking soda on top. This will help absorb the original liquid colour.

Once the area dries up a bit, with a toothbrush, gently rub the salt into the stain. Lastly, you’ll need to dab the area with a clean dry cloth, and hoover up the remaining mess.

As for stains, which have already dried and are who knows how old, a slightly different approach is required:

  1. Mix one part white vinegar, one part liquid detergent and ten parts water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the stained areas, but do not soak them. Then, with an old toothbrush, gently brush the drink stains in order to agitate the solution.
  3. Wait for about 10-15 minutes and gently blot with a damp towel.
  4. Now, with a dry cloth, go over the issue once more to deal with the moisture.
  5. If needed, repeat steps from 2 to 4.

How to prevent mattress stains?

The only way to not have to deal with mattress stains is to let them happen in the first place, as mentioned in the beginning of this article. While this can be obvious, many of us think about protecting something only after it gets damaged. So why go through all the hassle, when you can simply:

  • Get a mattress protector – a mattress protector, especially one, which is waterproof, is an ultimate lifesaver for parents and pet-owners. Not only would you be protecting your main mattress, but whichever liquids go onto the protector can easily be wiped without a stain settling.
  • Don’t allow pets on the bed – if the main reason for your mattress stains are your pets, you might need to consider setting new rules. An easy way to do this is to get them their separate beds. Another investment, which can definitely pay itself out in the long run.
  • Wash your bedding regularly – make a habit of washing your bedding every week, preferably with hot water. This will keep your mattress and the bedding itself clean, which in turn will help you sleep better.
  • Flip your mattress every 6 months – most mattresses are double-sided, and are intended to be used on both sides. If yours isn’t consider rotating it 180 degrees.

When is it time to have your mattress professionally cleaned?

If you haven’t yet had your mattress professionally cleaned, right now might be a good time to get that sorted, regardless of how stained it is. As an upholstered item, it gathers a great amount of dead skin cells, sweat, allergens and dirt. This can easily ruin the quality of your sleep, and the overall state of the mattress in the long term. And since professional mattress cleaning costs are not nearly as high as the cost of an actual mattress, it's really a no-brainer!

Recommendations for our customers

  1. We recommend removing sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases, and mattress covers before our technicians arrive to your home.
  2. If you have an extremely small space in the bedroom, think ahead about another place where our technicians can provide you the scheduled service.
  3. The mattress will be damp, not wet at the end of cleaning, but you should allow it to dry completely after professional cleaning.
  4. Regular professional mattress cleaning is the best way to extend your mattress' lifespan and make your bed a healthy place for sleep. For best results, don't forget about routine vacuuming and maintenance.


Green Carpet Cleaning Offers Two Options For Cleaning Mattresses:

  • Basic steam cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Also, There Are Two Additional Services:

  • Stain / odor removal treatment
  • Mattress sanitizing service


Professional mattress Stain and Spot removal system

Our steam cleaning technician carefully examines any stains and spots, after which the appropriate detergent is carefully applied to dissolve the spot in roots. We treat stains such as ink, red wine, blood, grease, shoe polisher etc.

We work with only with fully trained and qualified mattress steam cleaner technicians, who also will be able to give advice and recommend the appropriate treatment for different type of spillage and stains.

If you book this service with carpet steam cleaning, often you may get a discount.

Our competitive rates and flexible time are always available for your convenience.

100% Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed when using Green Carpet Cleaning's mattress steam cleaning service.

Our mattress steam cleaning includes:

  • pre-treating
  • stain removal system
  • steam cleaning
  • extract
  • deodorizing

Our cleaners are trained to provide extra care to your belongings. They will clean underneath your furniture where possible.

We also offer Stain treatment, stain and spot removal system.

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Mattress Cleaning in Nairobi


Eco friendly mattress cleaning experts Nairobi

Mattress Cleaning

The only way to rigorously clean dirty mattresses is to get a professional to steam clean them. The steam thoroughly cleans the mattress and removes nasty odors in a way simple vacuuming and scrubbing never can. This must be done by a professional mattress cleaner as just the right amount of moisture must be used. Mattresses are very thick and are not designed for copious amounts of dampness. If an inexperienced mattress owner tries to steam clean their mattress by themselves they might just end up with a mildewed mattress from excess water.

Got bed bugs? Steam cleaning is the easiest way to get rid of the nasty little creatures. A thorough steam clean will heat up your mattress far beyond the 120 degrees Fahrenheit required to kill bedbugs. The best part is that steam will kill both the bedbugs and their eggs and without the use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

Steam cleaning is the best option if you want to avoid the expense of buying a brand new mattress. Leave it to the professionals at Mark It Clean to expertly clean your mattress. Say goodbye to filthy dust mites, skin cells and bodily fluids and hello to a clean, fresh-smelling mattress.

There are a number of benefits of using our steam cleaning service for cleaning your upholstery and mattresses.

The cleaning process works by using steam to remove dirt and other debris while killing many organisms that may be present. Steam cleans by breaking the bond that holds dirt and other debris onto a surface. Best of all, steam cleaning does not require the use of cleaners in many situations. This means that water alone can often be used on fabrics should as upholstered furniture and mattresses. The heat of the steam also kills many organisms that can live in furniture and bedding including bed bugs.

As steam cleaning will result in a more thorough cleaning process than vacuuming alone, steam cleaning can even remove old stains and odors, including stains and odors caused by pets and smokers. For those who suffer from allergies, steam cleaning can remove allergens from fabrics and allow them to breathe comfortably. Perhaps the best benefit of using our steam cleaning services is that we do all of the work and you can spend your time doing other things or simply relaxing. Our trained technicians will come into your home and complete your upholstery and mattress cleaning in a thorough and professional manner.

Steam cleaning can be used on upholstery and mattresses that are intensely damaged due to abuse or moisture. Mold and bacteria grow on wet items within days. Excessive cleaning fluids ruin the integrity of the fabric. Colors fade and weaken under pressure. Go with our professional services to improve beds and furniture.

Professionals use a dry vapor steamer to clean and deodorize surfaces. Dry vapor has little water involved. Do not become concerned with fanning your items for hours. Our pros bring in portable devices that provide no messes or hassles for homeowners. Increase the life expectancy of your belongings, and save on repair costs.

Many people do not consider the value of mattress steam cleaning. However, people who do so sleep on cleaner, more comfortable mattresses. People bedridden and stuck in their rooms will feel the difference. Things also get hectic when pets, children and in-bed food come around. A mattress is different from clothes or curtains because it cannot be hosed down or thrown into the washer. It must be handled by hand, especially the hands of our professionals. We know that the worst particles are deep in the surface. Dust mites are not easy to see, and neither are bedbugs. It is important to penetrate the mattress surface, which is most effectively done with a steam cleaner.

Remove layers of dirt and dust that have accumulated in upholstery for years. When you consult our professional services, choose toxin-free cleaning solutions. We make all accommodations for our customers.

Mattresses contain allergens, dust mites and germs that can accumulate in as little as 6 months. Millions of dust mites may inhibit one mattress, but are invisible to the human eye.  It is estimated that 25% of the weight of a pillow is dead and living dust mites. These microscopic contaminants can contribute to a whole host of allergic reactions such as asthma, bronchitis, eczema and more.

Green Carpet Cleaning  is multi stage mattress cleaning system and non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning solutions and allergy relief treatment will make your mattress cleaner and healthier.

We spend a third of our lives in bed.

Regular mattress cleaning to keep mattresses free of mold, dust mites and dangerous organisms is vital for the health of us and our family.

It is a fact that most mattresses contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels. These nastier can lead to anything from skin allergies right through to serious respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Having your mattress regularly cleaned by Electro-dry will ensure your mattress is kept in its optimal state.

The Electro-dry Healthy Mattress system is the only mattress cleaning service in Nairobi that removes the germs, bacteria and dust-mites and keeps them away for up to 6 months as well as offering a stain removal and decontamination service. Electrodry cleans mattresses of all types and sizes.


This is a genuine money back offer.
If at any time you are not confident of our
process, that we are genuine and professional,
we give you your money back.


Welcome to green carpet mattress expert

Dry and chemical free sanitizing
Perfect for Asthma and Allergy sufferers and for the prevention of Allergies.

1) Relief for Allergy and Asthma sufferers
Many people develop severe allergies to dust mite excrement. We kill and remove allergens that trigger reactions. 40% of Australians have allergies and 80% of asthmatics can react to dust mites.
2) Because dust mites can cause a lifelong allergy.*
Protect your family, especially your children, don't leave them the legacy of an allergy for the rest of their lives.

The MattressKleen Process uses world's best portable equipment that vibrates and pulsates the mattress allowing powerful vacuum extraction to remove dead skin, mites and their excrement which is what we react to. Simultaneously, UVC lamps can kill virus, bacteria, mold spores and living organisms.

The dry extraction method is the only safe and effective way to genuinely clean your mattress. The MattressKleen process employs several steps to ensure your mattress is in a healthy and hygienic state.

Following extraction we apply a non toxic anti-bacterial deodorizing spray.
NEW - Additionally, ask about our Protector spray which has the ability to deter infestation for up to 6 months and it's only available from MattressKleen.

We can also assist with Urine and other body fluid stains and sanitize pillows, rugs and sofas..

Your mattress is probably the dirtiest place in your home.
Day after day, year after year, dead skin settles in your bed providing the ideal breeding ground for viruses, mold spores, fungi and especially dust mites. No matter how house proud you are the fact is you are sharing your bed with millions of them greedily feasting on your dead skin.

Mite excrement in your face! Dust mite excrement is microscopic and contains the chemical guanine triggering asthma and other allergic reactions and can be the cause of lifelong allergies.

Mattress protectors and bedding will not save you from dust mite infestation. When you move on the mattress it acts like a bellows and puffs up minute particles of guanine which easily pass through protectors and bedding landing on your face and skin. We breathe it in and that's where all the problems can begin.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms you are probably reacting to dust mites. If you are not, then exposure to dust mite can cause allergic reactions to begin.

  • Asthma
  • Hay Fever
  • Eczema
  • Rhinitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Sinus symptoms
  • Poor sleep
  • Headaches
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Depression
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue

The real key to controlling dust mite populations is to control the temperature and relative humidity indoors to prevent the warm, humid conditions that dust mites need to live. The easiest way to achieve this is to ensure good ventilation in the home, particularly in bedrooms, which is the critical zone, and also avoid excessive temperatures.

deep seated dusts and steamers has also been found to be particularly efficient at removing a high proportion of allergen and completely killing the dust mite population.

Mattress cleaning services

Dust Mites Vacuum

dust mite vacuum When it comes to keeping Dust mites off, Alpha think it’s worth investing on something that will ensure your family’s health and safety. Some illnesses are attributed to dust mites and people have always been finding solutions to curb it.

This is the first time The first time are introducing Green Carpet dust mite gadget which has UVC light technology, which supposedly takes Dust Mite control a step further. While the vacuum sucks and traps dust mites, the UVC light works an extra punch and sterilizes it.


* Durable anti-allergy bed vacuum
* Kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps eradicate dust mites and germs that may cause asthma, ill health, etc.
* Vibrating pad will release the dust mites which are hooked into the mattress and enable deep down cleaning
* Two stage micro allergy filtration safely and efficiently assists in the removal of dust mites and their feces from mattresses a

Dust mites and your health

Don't spend tonight sleeping on a mattress infested with dust mites

We spend years on a mattress that is contaminated with dust mite excrement, dead skin flakes, bacteria and mold spores which is ultimately dangerous to our health and the health of our family. It is a scientific fact that exposure to the allergen Guanine found in dust mite excrement is directly responsible for numerous allergic reactions. Asthma is increasing at an alarming rate amongst children and is one of the ailments triggered by the chemical Guanine.

Guanine can cause lifelong allergies.

All mattresses are subject to dust mite infestation. Up to 1 million in the average double mattress. They thrive in an environment that offers perfect conditions for existence. Nice and warm for 8 hours, all the dead skin flakes they can eat, they excrete almost twice their body weight a day. Their microscopic droppings contain guanine which is highly allergic to many people; in fact 80% of asthmatics react to the dust mite.

How do you come in contact with dust mites?
Dust mites are microscopic, when we move on the mattress it acts like a bellows and puffs up particles containing Guanine found in dust mite excrement. These particles easily pass through protectors and bedding to land on our face and skin and we breathe it in. This is a major trigger for a host of allergic reactions

The MattressKleen system is your healthy solution as it is dry and non toxic.

Do you or anyone in your family suffer from...
  • Asthma. (80% of asthmatics react to dust mite excrement)
  • Bronchitis and respiratory problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Eczema
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Hay fever
  • Sneezing
  • Sinus symptoms
  • Snoring
  • Blocked nose
  • Headache

OR if you have ...

  • Mattresses older than 1 year
  • Pets sleeping in the house or worse - on the bed.
  • An older home
  • Damp or mold in the house


... You need to take advantage of the Mattress cleaning solution.
When you come in contact with the dust mite allergen Guanine, you can develop all kinds of allergy related symptoms. You may have recognized some of these symptoms.

Dust mites - The Enemy


No matter how clean your home is you will be sharing your bed with millions of dust mites greedily feeding on your dead skin. The mattress is without doubt the dirtiest item we come in close contact with for 1/3rd of our lives.
Even protective bedding has little effect on reducing allergic reactions when they are the only measure taken.
The dust mite produces 200 times its body weight in excrement during the course of its lifetime. This excrement at first adheres to the fibres in the fabric as small mucous coated balls. Later it decomposes to a fine powder like dust. This mite excrement contains guanine, which can cause an allergic reaction and serious health issues in humans.

  • There can be up to a million dust mites in one double mattress.
  • Dust mite droppings contain powerful enzymes, which when breathed in breaks down the protective lining of our lungs, nasal passages and eyes.
  • Australian research has revealed that 80% of people with asthma are allergic to the house dust mite.
  • Allergy to dust mites is the 6th most serious sickness in the world (World Health Organization, 1995)
  • 25% of all allergies are due to dust mites.
  • Lifespan of 60 – 150 days, during which time the female lays 300 eggs
  • The dust mite population is high around coastal areas of Australia.
  • 90% of dust mites are located in the mattress as that is where their food source of dead skin exists.
  • Dust mites are microscopic, 300 will fit on a match head.

    Dust mites are attracted to heat
    and will gradually move towards
    your body whilst you are sleeping

Why Clean Your Mattress Our Process

Why Clean Your Mattress

Mattress CleaningWe spend over a third of our lives in bed. It is a fact however, that no matter how clean your home maybe, your mattress will almost always contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels, all feasting on your dead skin. Dust mites are microscopic in size and feed off the dead skin cells dropped from our bodies whilst we sleep.

Healthy Mattress

Dust mites are impossible to stop and inhabit even the cleanest homes. They constantly reproduce in your mattress and the dead dust mites and the excrement they leave behind inhabit your mattress along with the living mites. Dust mites excrete nearly twice their body weight each day. Their excrement contains a chemical called “guanine” which is found to trigger allergic reactions and health complaints such as; asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing. They are even thought to contribute to depression and fatigue.


Having your mattress cleaned at least every six months* by Electro-dry ensures your mattress, and the health of your family, is healthy by removing these dust mites from your mattress


When you go to bed at night, you probably want to feel relaxed and ready for some good night's sleep. Clean, nice-smelling bedding can work like a charm and send you dozing in practically no time.

But what if the mattress you are sleeping on is old and moldy?
What if it has unpleasant stains all over it?
That certainly won't do much for your sleeping experience.
But how do you clean a mattress and avoid these problems?
You couldn't possibly put in a washing machine, and vacuuming it won't do much, either.

We are professionals at cleaning mattresses


Well, look no further. Luckily, you have just reached the masters of mattress cleaning! With our advanced methods, we will make sure your mattress is thoroughly clean and fresh-smelling. We use sophisticated techniques to remove stains and make your mattress dust-free. In addition, the services we provide our quick and efficient - so we will have your mattress ready for you whenever you need it. Try our services once and we can assure you that you will come again! A professionally


Mattress Cleaning Prices

Dust Mite Habitat

In order to thrive, dust mites require food (flakes of human skin), moisture (in the presence of some species of mold such as Asperger Penicilloides) and a dark warm habitat. Dust Mites need a narrow range of high temperature and humidity conditions to thrive. Dust mites populations show optimal growth at conditions between 18oC to 25oC and 60% to 70% relative humidity. Furthermore, when the relative humidity falls below 50% the dust mites desiccate and die.

The dust mites feed on the dead scales of skin, which the human body constantly sheds at a rate of 5g per day. The scales are too dry and horny when they flake off the human body for the mites to eat and they need to condition in a moist atmosphere for a few days to absorb water from the air, and to promote the growth of miniature surface molds, before they are suitable as mite food. Since water is not readily available in carpet the mites depend upon the absorbed moisture for their entire water needs. Since the dust mites require such an extreme range of conditions to survive it is common to find carpet completely free of mites or with very low concentrations.

Bedding offers ideal conditions for dust mites to live and thrive which are not dependent upon the ambient relative humidity of the bedroom. We spend approximately one third of our lives in bed during which time the body loses approximately one litre of water each night through perspiration and breathing. During this period the body continues to shed skin scales which are concentrated in a relatively confined area and so the bed provides a dark, warm, humid and food rich environment for the dust mite with long periods of intimate contact between bedding nose and throat.

Dust mites cleaning

How you contribute to the problem
When you sleep, you produce sweat each night and shed about a gram of skin each day which lodges in your mattress and attracts dust mites. All mattresses are subject to dust mite infestation.
In less than 6 months a new mattress will become infested with dust mites.

Dust mites - The Mattress Cleaning Solution
Very quickly (6 months) a new mattress will become home to a host of horrors. The scientifically proven system of cleaning and sanitizing a mattress is natural, dry and non toxic. Dust mites, their excrement and dead skin flakes are effectively removed by a high powered vacuum unit, simultaneously a UVC (germicide) light kills virus, bacteria, mold spores and anything else that might be residing in the mattress.
The service is completed with a non-toxic sanitizing spray that can kill dust mite, mold spores, virus and bacteria - and also neutralizes odour. The bed can be made within minutes of the clean being completed. Importantly our system is dry and non toxic and a real bonus where there have been smokers.
The mattress in sanitized whilst it remains in its normal position and the process leaves your mattress fresh and hygienic.

If you have a child or pet that has soiled the mattress we can eliminate any bacteria and mold that may have formed and deodorize with our special urine stain and odour treatment. Even a new mattress can quickly become one of the dirtiest items in the home and a health risk.

Dust Mite Facts

Dust Mite Allergen

Each time you take a step on dirty carpet or lie down on a bed that is not protected by dust mite bedding, a cloud of dust mite allergen rises into the air. Dust mite allergen primarily consists of dust mite fecal pellets. Even though they are microscopic, dust mites are too large to inhale; however, their excrement easily becomes airborne. Dust mite allergen not only irritates the lungs, but it also contains an enzyme that destroys the protective function of the skin. This leaves your body vulnerable to other allergens and irritants.

Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms

Do you often wake up congested or with a runny nose? Itchy eyes or itchy skin? If you answered yes to any of the above you are likely allergic to dust mites. People who are sensitive to dust mites often experience rhino sinusitis (inflammation of the nose and sinuses). Others experience eczema, inflammation of the skin. Many people who have dust mite allergies also suffer from chronic sleep problems.

mattress cleaning

"Dust mites are a major cause of respiratory and skin allergies. We host millions of these in our bedding along with infections and molds. In the Australian climate mould causes huge problems. The complete cleaning system provided by Mattress Clean is the safe and effective way of dealing with these problems".
Pauline Rose: Complimentary & Environmental Medicine. Sydney

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When you choose healthy cleaning services you will:

1. Help millions of children live healthy by reducing their toxic exposure

2. Create a safe environment for your Pets

3. Keep our water - streams, rivers, lakes and oceans free of toxic chemicals

4. Improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.

Please Watch These Short Videos On the Dangers Of Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services


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Upholstery can trap dirt, allergens and soils that wear down the fibers and dull the appearance. With upholstery cleaning from Green Carpet Cleaners, your furniture will be revived and renewed for a cleaner, enhanced look. We inspect upholstery for fiber type, physical defects, color fastness and st…

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Have your cushions, sectional sofas, couches, or recliners lost their shine over time, and you wish to restore them to their former glory? Green Carpet Cleaning is here to help you achieve this goal!

Upholstered furniture …

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Sofa Cleaning Tips From Professionals

The sofa is one of the high traffic areas of the house as both the guests and host use it on an everyday basis. But how many of you consider cleaning the sofa on a regular basis? Not many; probably because cleaning the sofa is not an easy task. The various folds and crevices of the sofa make the c…

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How to Clean a Couch

Whether you've just got water marks, or the toughest of stains, these cleaning tips will have your sofa looking as good as new

We all love being couch potatoes but it's no fun to lounge on a dirty sofa. Over time, crumbs, spilled soda, pet hair, dirt and oil from your hands and feet bui…

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Most people spend hours on their sofas and sometimes even sleep on them. If their cleanliness isn't maintained, then they will become th…

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Most people spend hours on their sofas and sometimes even sleep on them. If their cleanliness isn't maintained, then they will become the hot spot for germs and dirt. So, regular cleaning is mandatory especially in homes where sofas are used more frequently.

Couches are the main attraction of you…

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What Do You Get After Upholstery Cleaning By Green Carpet Cleaning

The following are the results for using our professional upholstery cleaning services.

Spotless And Fresh-Looking Furniture

When you order professional upholstery cleaning service from Green Carpet cleaning you can be sure we will use the best cleaning methods, equipment and cleaning agents …

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Have your cushions, sectional sofas, couches, or recliners lost their shine over time, and you wish to restore them to their former glory? Green Carpet Cleaning is here to help you achieve this goal!

Upholstered furniture like sofas, recl…

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