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Cheap And Affordable Couch Steam Cleaning Nairobi


Best Couch cleaning services in Nairobi. Our company has an expert team to clean couch using steam techniques process that is used to extract dirt & grime by using chemicals, hot water, and steam. This is the most effective method that is used to clean fabrics and all types of couches. Couch cleaner Nairobi uses a mixture of cleaning agents and hot water steam that used to loosen the grime. In a half-hour, you will receive the lively looking couches at your property. To achieve better results many couch steam cleaning Nairobi companies, use this method to deliver a high standard of services in Nairobi.

Reasons To Hire Couch Steam Cleaner In Nairobi

Couch steam cleaning has already served many commercials and residential properties efficiently. This method of cleaning is very effective for people with asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities and other airborne diseases.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has many benefits over conventional cleaning treatment –

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning
  • Cost-effective
  • Less time consuming
  • Effective in removal of trickiest, nastiest & stubborn dirt & grime
  • Control allergens & house bugs
  • Why Should We Use Couch Steam Cleaning Instead Of Regular Cleaning Methods?

If, maintaining a chemical-free environment is not good enough for you to choose couch steam cleaning then thinking about your initial cleaning investment. Availing couch steam cleaning Nairobi will let not only save money but also deliver a high standard of quintessential services. Apart from cleaning aspect, the steam cleaning process is completely eco-friendly that will not affect the health of everyone as well as completely allergy free. Steam cleaning is also good for our planet.

Couch Steam Cleaning Nairobi – Yes, We Do Emphatically

“Couch Cleaning Nairobi” is then the name of our company that is serving Nairobians since 2006. We provide a wide range of services to assist the owners of the commercial and residential property. A native-born company that covers the complete city and southeastern suburbs. So, have employed professional and experienced couch steam cleaner Nairobi to assist you to enjoy the standard of cleaning provided by using steam techniques.

Whether you require services in Nairobi CBD (Central Business District), Kiambu, Machakos, Kajiado, Nakuru, Kisumu, Homabay, Kakamega or in any corner of the city hire us because-

  • We are professional, experienced & expert.
  • Complete adherence to time.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning.
  • Affordable couch steam cleaning.
  • Friendly, less time consuming and in-budget service.

Green Carpet Couch Cleaning is established to deliver quality upholstery cleaning service to most Nairobi areas.
We are locally based upholstery and carpet cleaning company. Any upholstered or leather furniture at your home or office is meant to look great at all time to bring you joy and pleasure. We at Green Couch Cleaning are here to professionally assist your upholstery with our premium furniture and carpet cleaning services.

With multi stage cleaning upholstery cleaning process you can relax assured that your furniture is fresh, free of dirt, chemical elements and residue that other cleaning approaches may leave. Our professional staff is keen of thorough upholstery cleaning.

Our deep steam cleaning process eliminates harmful allergens and particles causing asthma and polluting your home airflow. Make your furniture healthy and absolutely clean.

Based on smart up-to-date cleaning techniques we deliver most effective cleaning solutions for upholstery and carpets.  

Green Carpet Couch Cleaning strongly observes high standards of cleaning service, starting from professional training and certifying of your cleaning staff to a superb customer satisfaction follow-up. We are aimed to set a completely new level of carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Upholstered or leather furniture (couch, sofa, recliner or ottoman) – we are committed to make any piece of your home décor appealing again. We deliver top-rated service and guarantee your satisfaction.

Upholstery Cleaning Nairobi
Your sofa will look glamorous again
100% Satisfaction guaranteed
Certified fibre care specialists
Fully insured and trained
Eco friendly products
Family run company

Our professional cleaners are certified and accredited by:

Cleaner Cleaner Woolsafe Certification
Professional Sofa Cleaning
Suitable for cotton, velvet, viscose, silk, wool, linen and synthetic sofas
When you think of your fabric sofa, think of it as if it were your coat. Would you wear it for 5 years without cleaning it? Sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and other upholstered fabric furniture in the house need regular maintenance clean to keep it looking good. In fact, we recommend that you have your upholstery sofa professionally cleaned once a year to keep it hygienic and extend its lifespan.

Sofa steam cleaning – the deep upholstery cleaning
Here at Cleaner Cleaner, we guarantee high-quality results from our professional upholstery cleaning services, serving the whole of London and Essex at competitive and affordable rates. For most pieces of furniture, we use specialist upholstery steam cleaning machines with special shampoo and stain removal solutions.

Sofa Dry Cleaning for those delicate fibres
Sofa dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning delicate sofas, including some velvet sofas. Delicate pieces can only be cleaned by hand using specialist products similar to the ones used by dry cleaners for your clothes, in which case we’ll use special cleaning solutions and a soft cloth to get the job done. We employ the best techniques and products to get your furniture looking as good as new.

Sofa stain removal
Spillages do happen, so when disaster strikes, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible, because the sooner the stain is tackled, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to get it out! And while it might be tempting to just try and get it out yourself using cheap stain remover, chances are that you’ll only make the area worse.

How much does upholstery cleaning service cost?
We offer reasonable and affordable prices, with no extra or hidden fees. There are three levels of service, Silver , Gold and Platinum available to all. Our service provides great value for money, and unrivalled quality and customer care.

How to book sofa cleaning Nairobi service?
So if you’re interested in upholstery cleaning in Nairobi, Kiambu or Kajiado, please give us a call on 0792 293 443 or fill in the contact form to receive a free quote, or a friendly advice.


Upholstery and Sofa cleaning prices
The different types of fabrics require different cleaning approach, care and skill. We are fully insured and certified upholstery cleaning specialists. The rates below apply to hot water extraction method also known as steam cleaning. We can also perform dry cleaning for delicate fabrics. Please get in touch and we can discuss. Our upholstery cleaning rates are truly affordable for everyone. Our Silver service is great for tenants leaving their rental properties. Gold service is customer’s favourite, because it represents the best value for money. The Platinum service has all benefits of the Gold service, with an added advantage of the stain protection which will help keep your sofa nice and clean for longer.

Silver from:
2 Seater Fabric Sofa
3 Seater Fabric Sofa
Dining Chair
Double Mattress
Single Mattress
Roman Blinds
Gold from:
2 Seater Fabric Sofa 
3 Seater Fabric Sofa
Dining Chair

Leather Cleaning Nairobi


Sceptical about whether  furniture cleaning would take away that natural shine of your sofa or couch? Well, if you go with us for professional leather cleaning Nairobi the results will be simply fantastic. You all would agree to the fact that cleaning leather is cumbersome as those marks and stains get stubborn with time. If you have a beautiful-looking leather couch that has started looking dirty or feels unkempt, we would strongly recommend opting for professional cleaning as this will remove all that grime and dirt without causing any harm to the fabric.

best leather cleaners Nairobi

We are a premium leather sofa cleaning service that uses fabric-specific cleaning solutions, only the dirt & dust would be attacked with no discoloration or patchiness at all. Green carpet has been serving the locals for almost a decade now and the reasons that make us count among the top-rated leather furniture cleaner services are:

  • Experienced, well-trained and super friendly staff that interacts with the clients properly ensuring that the queries &  concerns are addressed right before the cleaning process begins.
  • Advanced steam cleaning equipment, using which it becomes easy to remove even the dirtiest of leather furniture items removing all those stains and marks with precision.
  • Multi-step leather couch cleaning process that involves pre and post-treatment due to which the results once obtained stay intact for months to come.
  • Affordable leather couch cleaning service quotes are given by our expert technicians during the initial couch or sofa inspection. The quotes are once given stand completely comprehensive.

We are a one-stop cleaning agency that has a solution for all your cleaning needs, right from leather sofas to rugs to carpets, we clean it all meticulously.

We Clean All Types Of Leather Couch And Furniture

  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Leather couch cleaning
  • Leather sofa cleaning
  • Leather chesterfield
  • Leather car seat cleaning
  • Leather lounge cleaning
  • Leather settee cleaning
  • Leather suite cleaning
  • Full grain leather
  • Top grain leather

Have A Question About Leather Cleaning? Please Get In Touch With Our Support Team

If you have any queries regarding leather cleaning in Nairobi or just want to have a word with our team before you book an appointment, please feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Our emergency leather sofa cleaning services are idyllic for those accidental spills when you do not want to damage your sofa. Give us a call and we will be right there on time for effectual sofa leather cleaning.

Our leather sofa cleaning service is available for both residential and commercial complexes. You can discuss the requirements to know more.

With a good amount of money going on the purchase of a carpet, any stain or spot could be heart breaking. We at Couch Cleaning Nairobi hold extensive expertise to remove tough stains from the carpet, no matter whether these are coming from accidental spills or pet scratches. We use multiple products for carpet stain removal Nairobi to ensure that the visibility of the marks reduces down to maxim possible extent.

Our cleaners can easily with the oldest and toughest stains coming from:

  • Pet accidents
  • Food stains
  • Mud, dirt and grime
  • Wine spills
  • Grass marks

Although, we have tried and tested methodology to remove stains, we still believe that prevention always works better. We will educate you about the agents that leave tough stains so that you can prevent spills in the future. Please keep one thing in mind, we do not guarantee complete removal of the stains and other marks if the carpet has already been treated with any stain removal substance.

Our professional carpet stain removal services complete removal of those eyesores that have been giving you unnecessary stress!

Spot & Stain Removal Nairobi – It Is Always Better To Trust Professionals

We are a professional carpet stain removal agency, our cleaners are going to treat every stain differently, and the goal is to bring an end to those marks on the carpet whilst ensuring that no harm to the fabric is done. Latest cleaning equipment are used by the team and this is why we are able to make a statement that no one treats those tough stains and spots like couch cleaning Nairobi.

With our effective stain removal techniques, even the oldest stains and spots vanish.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Carpet Stain Removal Services?

Let us put it straight, we know how to treat spots and stains and this is why our services stand as the best ones. We also cover odour removal under this category and this means that the carpet that you will get after cleaning will not only look good but smell fresh too. We will inspect in detail looking at the carpet to learn about the age and cause of stain and would then go in for the technique that seems to work the best.

Irrespective of the material of the carpet, our stain removal services promise impressive results.

Couch cleaning in Nairobi is a service that is frequently availed by owners of the commercial and residential property. Couches & furniture at your home or office makes your interior more beautiful & attractive. Don’t you agree? But with time they also experience dirt, dust, and soil which makes them look ugly and also ruin the atmosphere of the room as well as become the house of health affecting germs. Therefore, to get rid of all these problems essentially you require a couch cleaning nairobi team that can deliver all your expectations effectively.

Benefits Of Affordable Couch Cleaning Package

Yes, we are the most affordable couch cleaning nairobi service provider that will deliver the quintessential cleaning aspects. Couch cleaners of our team are experienced & professional that will take care of all sofa, furniture, and couches at your home/office. Whatever type of couch you have, we will effectively deliver astonishing results. Catering satisfying results for our clients is our forte and failure is not an option for us. We can engage in a deal and you can challenge us to clean couches in-

  • Residential or commercial properties, units, etc.
  • Offices, gyms, yoga and fitness club.
  • Playschool, high-school, supermarket, hospital.
  • Shops, cafes, pubs, bars, hotels couches.

Cleaning and protecting your couches & furniture not only increase the great look but also extend the life of the most basic investment made by you for your property.

Expert Cleaning Team For Perfect Environment

We’ll Never Let You Down, yes that’s right because cleaning is not just a business for us. Our services, fame & a wide range of clients all because of the customers who gave us a chance to prove our values. Once, you hire us without giving an excuse, we will do whatever it takes to deliver a smile on your face by cleaning you couches effectively.

Quick facts about our couch cleaner Nairobi:

  • Expertise technicians can deal with all types of fabrics & couches.
  • Eco-friendly services for health &wealth purpose.
  • Premium care for all couches & furniture is available.
  • Insured cleaners with the latest cleaning tools.
  • The best couch cleaning service guarantee with complete satisfaction.

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