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Car Interior | Auto Upholstery Cleaning Service

Car interior upholstery cleaning service specializes in removing dirt and stains from food and drinks spilling in your car, auto or van.

We come to your house to clean your car seats and carpets while you wait in the comfort of your home. We steam clean fabric and leather car interior upholstery.

All appointments to clean your auto upholstery need to be a sunny day to allow 2 hours for your upholstery interior to dry. If your too busy to clean your car interior seats and auto upholstery then let us come to your house and do it while you relax inside.

Car upholstery and carpets usually take about 2 hours to dry well if its a nice sunny day. I dont recommend cleaning your auto upholstery if its raining. Its important to leave your doors open or else your car upholstery could develop mildew which smells bad and can cause flu like symptoms.

Before we arrive for your auto upholstery cleaning service please remove all personal belongings from your auto, car or van. You dont want them getting wet or lost.

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Car interior Cleaning/Upholstery Care In Nairobi

  • The interior of your car takes a lot of abuse. Unlike the inside of your home, which has many times more square footage, the inside of your car gets repeated, concentrated traffic. Each time you get in your car, you drag in more dirt. Each time you eat or drink in your car, you add a few more crumbs and spills. , makeup and other contaminants. All of this dirt and junk adds up very fast.
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car detailing in Nairobi

car upholstery cleaning in Nairobi

You are about to Discover the Hidden World of Specialty Vapor
Steam Cleaners The Automotive Detail & Mobile Car Wash
Elites Have Knows About For Years!


Auto Detailing Topic...

car interior shampoo
 car interior cleaning in Nairobi
car interior steam cleaning in Nairobi

car interior vacuumingAn Auto Detailing Revolution Is Under Way!!! There is no question Auto Detailing is a huge industry. Auto detailing consists of two main categories. Exterior cleaning, Interior cleaning, Detailing can be a highly involved and complex business often involving many specialty buffers, compounds and techniques. However, at the heart of all automotive detailing is the basic concept of cleaning a vehicle be it a boat, car or aircraft. Simple removal of dirt, grime, sticky stuck on food, bad odors, biological contaminates and grease is what its about.
(((Traditional auto detailing requires a lot of effort, water and a great deal of chemicals. Today, the "in crowd" of modern detailers, if you will, all know that there is a MUCH better option. Vapor Steam! There is no question that there is a kind of vapor steam cleaning revolution taking place in the automotive detailing industry. Everyday multitudes of automotive detail technicians around the world are discovering and enjoying the powerful benefits of working with pure vapor steam. Just a side note but did you  know working with steam is safer? It is, using nothing but natural water vapor allows you to clean without toxic chemicals! This can actually protect your health in the long term. Steam is the healthy option!

Green Interior Car Care In Nairobi

Treat your vehicle interior to the very best and most reliable on-site car upholstery cleaning and restoration service available in Nairobi COUNTY ALONE!Our services suit private, trade and retail customers. We specialize in: car upholstery cleaning, caravan upholstery cleaning, coach upholstery cleaning, commercial vehicle upholstery cleaning, minibus upholstery cleaning, motor home and van upholstery cleaning.

Our services can also cover the valeting of light commercial vehicles, mobile homes, boats, motorbikes, mini buses and lorries.We also provide the following special services:

The process

1. Inspection: prior to cleaning, our fully trained and insured technicians will carry out a thorough inspection to determine the most suitable products and process for cleaning your upholstery. In most cases we recommend the following hot water extraction process, but will also dry clean particularly delicate items such as silk and velvet

2.Power vacuum: to extract dust, grit and other dry soil and prevent a muddy residue forming, when liquid cleaners are applied

3. Stain treatment: particularly stubborn spots and stains are pre-spotted with specialized biodegradable cleaning agents.

4. Pre-conditioning: specially formulated solution is sprayed over the upholstery to break down grease and oily substances, in preparation for hot water extraction.

5. Hot water extraction: (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning) powerful jets pump specialized cleaning solution deep into the pile of your upholstery, while simultaneously extracting the grime, grease and stain laden moisture. Leaving them totally clean and dry within 2 hours.


steam clean and deodorize your auto upholstery and carpetssteam clean and deodorize your auto upholstery and carpetssteam clean and deodorize your auto upholstery and carpets

Eco-Friendly Car Interior Cleaning in Nairobi

Eco-Friendly Interior, Waterless, Mobile, Steam Car Detailing at the comfort of your Home or Office!
Interior Car Cleaning is a mobile car cleaning and detailing services, specializing in Eco-friendly mobile steam and waterless car cleaning and detailing. We launched this concept of cleaning vehicles using environmentally friendly techniques and products. The idea of starting a car interior cleaning business came when we realized that car washes in Nairobi Kenya couldn't have their clients car cleaned safely and to the highest of standards for a reasonable price.Most car wash also do mostly outward cleaning but forgetting interior parts.Being a perfectionist ourselves, environmentally aware and as a car enthusiast, we decided to provide this premium service in a way that would combine what all our customers are looking for:

Safe and Sound, Up to the details cleaning, Convenient, Healthy, Eco-friendly and affordable!

Eco detail in Nairobi Eco detail jeepEco detail interiorEco detail interior

Green carpet, brings you an alternative to maintaining your vehicle's original interior and auto upholstery fabrics materials from the comfort of your home or office without the use of water! We use state of the art natural biodegradable products that are Eco-Friendly, non-toxic and highly effective steam cleaning machines.

clean biodegradable red bentley splash

We bring a stop to using heavy detergents and oils that run off into our sewage systems and can be harmful to our environment and most of all you and your passengers.

We are a mobile business. The idea is to save you precious time and money not having to go to a shop or Carwash! We clean your car at your residence!



We bring a stop to using heavy detergents and oils that run off into our sewage systems and can be harmful to our environment and most of all you and your passengers!

Choose from many of our exclusive Eco-friendly services that include Package Services, Interior, or other Services.

Our Basic Interior Steam hand wash, windows, mirrors, Vacuum, dashboard, cup holders, Seats, door jams
car upholstery in Nairobi auto detailing Nairobi car vacuum cleaning in Nairobi Car shampooing in Nairobi
Small/2 SeatMediumSUVLarge SUV/Van
Full interior cleaning
Full Interior
Our Basic Interior detail, PLUS seats cleaned and treated, carpets, steamed air vents
interior buffing in Nairobi mobile car interior in Nairobi automobile seat cleaning car interior roof cleaning in nairobi
Small/2 SeatMedium SUVLarge SUV/VanFord 

cleaning baby seats steam clean baby seatcleaning car floor mat in Nairobi

Leather conditioner/treatmentKSH1,500.00
Baby seatsKSH500.00
Excessive pet hairstarting at KSH600.00
Seats (clean & treatment)KSH800.00/per seat
Floor MatKSH500.00
Long MatKSH700.00
Steam Sanitization & DeodorizationKSH3000.00



Motor home / Rv trailer details

Description - Motor home is hand washed, all windows cleaned inside and out, wheels and tires cleaned and shined, all interior parts and plastic degreased and wiped down and shined, all carpet scrubbed and hot water extracted, on request exterior hand wax or 2 step cut and buff


Wave Runner / Jetski:

Description- Boat and trailer are hand washed, boat is degreased, carpets shampooed, all windows and ski towers cleaned and polished, interior seats treated and all hard water spots removed.


Keeping your yacht clean is more important than you might think. Just sweeping around a little bit and cleaning the dust will not do the trick - to clean a yacht properly, one must hire professional yacht cleaning services.

Neglecting to clean a yacht regularly might result in its not functioning properly. Due to a yacht's constant exposure to salt water and all types of weather conditions, processes like rusting and corrosion are common and when left unattended, they may harm the yacht's shape, and more importantly, its proper functioning. To avoid such mishaps, which can potentially lead to accidents, it is therefore crucial to have yachts cleaned regularly by professionals.

maintaining boat upholstery


Motorcycle / Bike Details

Description- Motorcycle is hand washed, Wheels cleaned, all chrome cleaned and polished, all body parts cleaned and polished, seat cleaned and shined, depending on service requested hand wax or cut and buff

4 Wheeler Details

Description- 4 wheeler is hand washed, all dirt removed, tires and wheels cleaned and shined, all body parts hand waxed depending on requested service, all metal racks cleaned, seat cleaned and treated.


Rhino and Utv details

Description - Utv hand washed, all plastic and interior cleaned, blown out and shined, tires and wheels cleaned and shined.

Who can you contact to clean your yacht?

The question is who can do the best job of cleaning a yacht?

Regular cleaning services do not have the high level of expertise and experience required to clean boats and yachts. One must contact a service that is qualified to do such work, as cleaning yachts and boats requires being aware of many technical issues, as well as special knowledge of materials that can aid in preventing rust and corrosion.

We can do the job

Our service has been in the business for years, and all employees are professional yacht cleaners. With our knowledge and experience, your yacht will be not only sparkling clean after each treatment, but also well-maintained to keep all technical troubles away.

For more details regarding our services and prices, call us to

0792293443 / 0718787850

Steam Cleaning and Hand Crafted Service

Steam car wash is a rather new concept method in the car wash industry, which has been welcomed in many parts of the world thanks to its Eco-friendliness and effectiveness, although it has been used in the cleaning industry for decades thanks to its efficient cleaning and sterilizing power. For example, steam is a well-known method of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Steam readily dissolves deposits on polluted surface. Steam can be used to clean car's exterior and interior. It is completely safe on car surfaces and upholstery and has proven sanitizing and deodorizing effects.

The most special feature of steam car clean is its Eco-friendliness. Steam takes very little water (less than 1 gallon per vehicle by average), and it does not cause any waste-water run-off. Steam's washing power is truly amazing! You will be astonished to see what it can achieve without any chemicals!

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  • Eco detail Toyota crown  Nairobi

    Why Waterless?
  • save thousands of gallons of water and toxic run-off
  • safely remove paint deposits chemical free
  • reduce paint swirling using steam
  • protect our local area environment
Eco detail Range rover Nairobi
Did you Know...?

An environmental study suggests that untreated car wash run off from conventional car washing techniques led to severe increases in fish mortality rates in nearby streams and creeks.


Eco detail Mercedes  Nairobi Eco detail interior
Our Mobile Services include:

When you choose healthy cleaning services you will:

1. Help millions of children live healthy by reducing their toxic exposure

2. Create a safe environment for your Pets

3. Keep our water - streams, rivers, lakes and oceans free of toxic chemicals

4. Improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.

Please Watch These Short Videos On the Dangers Of Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services


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