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What Are the Different Professional Methods Used to Clean a Mattress?

You can take care of your mattress with timely cleaning. However, that doesn't mean using every DIY method you find online. These DIYs could have adverse effects on your mattress's body and are not considered the best practices for cleaning a mattress. Instead, opt for professional cleaning methods. Learn how professionals clean mattresses so that your expensive pieces remain safe from harm.
When it comes to investing in mattress cleaning, you can pick:

Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Amongst all methods, steam cleaning tops the chart due to multiple reasons. It's a lengthy process but focuses on removing tough stains and spots from every corner of your mattress. Professionals usually start by analyzing the mattress's condition before starting. After a complete examination, they use powerful vacuums to remove all kinds of dust and particles from the mattress.

That is followed by treating spots and stains using various chemicals. Once all the stains are removed, these professionals spray your mattress with a steam cleaner. The steam emitted from the device is at a very high temperature, which helps remove bacteria, mites, and all kinds of dead cells. Afterward, the mattress is dried to prevent the growth of any mildew.

Deep Cleaning a Mattress

Another option for your mattresses is deep cleaning. This method also helps get rid of tough stains and grime from a mattress. Experts start by clearing off excessive dirt and then shampooing. After shampooing, the mattress is thoroughly washed to remove any remaining dirt. The process is followed by drying and disinfecting the mattress to ensure no germs remain on it.

Both methods are equally good but prefer professionals to carry out these services. The results are much more satisfactory when an expert carries out the cleaning process.


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When you choose healthy cleaning services you will:

1. Help millions of children live healthy by reducing their toxic exposure

2. Create a safe environment for your Pets

3. Keep our water - streams, rivers, lakes and oceans free of toxic chemicals

4. Improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.

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