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How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned

This is an example of a completely subjective question. The answer to this question relies in each of us individually for only we know how much wear and tear our carpets experience. For a single man who lives alone and isn’t big on entertaining family or friends the answer to this question will obviously differ when compared to a large family with multiple generations all living under one roof. The more use the carpet sees, the less the interval between cleanings should be.
This is what is generally recommended:
SIX-Months  Intervals – The longest anyone should go between carpet cleanings is half year. Regardless of the fact that a carpet gets any foot traffic at all, it is undeniably subject to dust, and other environmental debris. Knowingly, cleaning your carpets once after six months should suffice.

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THREE-Month Intervals – Clean your carpet every three months if you have children or pets or if you have a household in which there are at least one or two smokers. If you meet these requirements, make sure to clean your carpet once every three months for health purposes.
 Green Carpet Cleanings r &Upholstery Care Nairobi Inc..
TWO-Month Intervals – Clean your carpet every two months if you have kids and pets OR kids and smokers in the family. This presents a double-whammy to any carpet and thus requires cleaning every two months.
ONE-Month Intervals – This is for homes that have pets, kids and smokers all at once. Because these factors are rough on carpets individually, let alone all at once, you should make sure to have carpets cleaned once every month.

 Green Carpet Cleaning &Upholstery Care Nairobi Inc..
Although the aforementioned recommendations can be referred to a majority of the time, every home is different. You for example might be able to go longer between cleanings if you have a lot of hard surfaces in the home. You also might have to clean the carpet more often if you live in a very humid or dusty environment. This should give you enough information to make a general decision about when to clean your carpets. Ultimately, you must decide how clean and healthy an environment you want for yourself and your family and act accordingly.

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