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How clean are your car seats ?

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Upholstery Cleaning done the correct way

Here is an example of a lovely little second hand Fiat 500 with a dirty interior…. time for some serious upholstery cleaning.

Fiat decided to use the most impractical fabric in some of their 500 range of cars. The fabric is a bit like a magnet to dirt and moisture and whats worse… Fiat decided to use very light fabrics which show up every mark!

So how do we clean the upholstery?

Nairobi Car Upholstery Care have a proven method which simply removes more dirt, stains and odours than any other cleaning method available to the public.

Most owners of the Fiat 500 will no doubt be familiar with buying off the shelf foam cleaners from Nairobi, after much scrubbing, the upholstery will appear to look better however once dry the stains and dirty marks reappear.

Why does this happen?

Imagine applying shampoo to your hair and leaving it without rinsing…

That’s exactly what happens when off the shelf foam cleaners are used on upholstery, the foam and the dirt are pushed further into the fabric and then left.

You wouldn’t dream of leaving shampoo in your hair without rinsing would you?

As the foam dries it leaves behind a sticky residue which actually attracts more dirt!

So that’s more dirt being added to the already dirty upholstery.

Hot flush?

Rinsing the shampoo from your hair requires nothing more that clean, hot water and the same applies to rinsing detergents from upholstery.

Nairobi Car Upholstery Care use professional grade extraction equipment which can heat water up to 90 degrees centigrade.

The hot water helps to break down the bond between dirt and fibre, it simply allows for better, more thorough results.

Your average car wash may offer upholstery cleaning…

In our experience most car valeters and “car wash centres” will use budget chemicals and cold water extraction equipment.

The extraction shampoo is usually added to the rinse water in the machine…

Would you rinse shampoo from your hair with soapy water?

Of course not, but the cheaper valeters and car wash centres will use this method!

I have personally seen car upholstery being literately saturated as the valeter / cleaner relies on the shampoo and cold water to removed the ground in soil and stains from the upholstery.

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