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The Importance of Professional Mattress Cleaning for a Healthy Home



Homes need regular cleaning or they lose their appearance. However, a home has multiple components, and each one requires care. Mattresses are also part of your home, where most of you spend your entire night.

Thus, mattresses need consistent cleaning sessions. Dust, dirt, and germs can settle on your mattress' surface, making them dull and greasy. Maybe your child spilled milk on the mattress, or you left behind food crumbs.

In such conditions, mattress cleaning becomes essential. Apart from dust and dirt, several mites and bugs can settle in the layers of your mattress, which is harmful to your health. If you don't treat these bugs and insects in time, they will multiply rapidly.

So, mattress hygiene must never be taken lightly. The more you are involved in mattress care or the greater you clean your mattress, the longer the chances of preserving it.


How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

The first question to ask is how often to clean your mattress. Being aware of your mattress' cleaning needs makes it last longer. Every mattress has a shelf life, which reduces drastically without timely cleaning.

It's necessary to cater to these items in your home. Usually, experts recommend people clean their mattresses every six months.

However, cleaning needs are affected by:

  • Pets and kids in your home;
  • How much a mattress is used in your home;
  • Quality of the mattress.

These are some factors that play a crucial role in judging if a mattress requires extra cleaning or not. For example, individuals with kids must clean mattresses more often because kids tend to spill or drop things on them. If you don't clean a spill in time, stains will settle on the mattress, and give off foul odors. So, people with children or toddlers must perform more frequent cleanings. Similarly, if the usage of a mattress in your home is higher, its cleaning needs increase.

Even though with cleaning you can preserve your mattress for a longer time, it won't last forever.


What Are the Different Professional Methods Used to Clean a Mattress?

You can take care of your mattress with timely cleaning. However, that doesn't mean using every DIY method you find online. These DIYs could have adverse effects on your mattress's body and are not considered the best practices for cleaning a mattress. Instead, opt for professional cleaning methods. Learn how professionals clean mattresses so that your expensive pieces remain safe from harm.
When it comes to investing in mattress cleaning, you can pick:

Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Amongst all methods, steam cleaning tops the chart due to multiple reasons. It's a lengthy process but focuses on removing tough stains and spots from every corner of your mattress. Professionals usually start by analyzing the mattress's condition before starting. After a complete examination, they use powerful vacuums to remove all kinds of dust and particles from the mattress.

That is followed by treating spots and stains using various chemicals. Once all the stains are removed, these professionals spray your mattress with a steam cleaner. The steam emitted from the device is at a very high temperature, which helps remove bacteria, mites, and all kinds of dead cells. Afterward, the mattress is dried to prevent the growth of any mildew.

Deep Cleaning a Mattress

Another option for your mattresses is deep cleaning. This method also helps get rid of tough stains and grime from a mattress. Experts start by clearing off excessive dirt and then shampooing. After shampooing, the mattress is thoroughly washed to remove any remaining dirt. The process is followed by drying and disinfecting the mattress to ensure no germs remain on it.

Both methods are equally good but prefer professionals to carry out these services. The results are much more satisfactory when an expert carries out the cleaning process.


Are Natural Solutions for Cleaning Your Mattress Effective?

Investing in a mattress is expensive. The price range could be thousands of dollars. However, when you choose to ignore its cleaning needs, you intentionally put all your money in danger. Moreover, you will need to purchase a new mattress very soon. Therefore, cleaning is essential.

There are various natural solutions for cleaning your bedding, such as baking soda and lavender oil or water and vinegar solutions, but these are not a hundred percent successful in cleaning your mattress. Maybe you sprinkled Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing soap on your mattress to get rid of urine and sweat stains, but some spots remain.

Thus, one can say these methods are ineffective and weak. They take your time and do not provide results. Moreover, these solutions are not as effective as eco-green cleaning chemicals. Instead of DIY methods for deep-cleaning mattresses, prefer professional cleaning services.


Why Should You Take Professional Help When Cleaning Your Mattress?

As told earlier, DIY methods are not as effective as hiring professional cleaners. Professionals have much more experience than an average individual in cleaning all kinds of mattresses. Our experts carefully handle each task and are well-equipped to handle any stain and spot. From vacuums to steam cleaners and cleaning shampoos, they bring everything along. So, you are not responsible for buying any chemicals.

Opting for professional help with cleaning mattresses also saves you time and energy. Instead of learning the entire cleaning process and preparing cleaning solutions, you could hire our service providers and relax. Your mattresses will last longer with professional cleaning.


Green Carpet Cleaning is a Reliable Mattress Cleaning Company Near You!

If you have dirty mattresses, choose our professionals to clean them. At Green Carpet cleaning, you can get the best quality services and experienced cleaners. We have all the right tools and have handled hundreds of mattresses. Therefore, cleaning your dirty mattress is not a problem for us.

All you need to do is call Green carpet's helpline on 0792-293-443 and explain your problem. Our team members confirm an appointment for your mattress and send a team to your home. They bring all the necessary supplies and solve your mattress issues in the shortest possible time. Trust our team members with your precious mattresses. We can treat every stain, no matter how tough it might be.

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