One of the quickest and most effective solutions is to be proactive rather than reactive, and perhaps to buy some cheap blankets or blankets that can be placed over the sofa, meaning that dirt will hit them before they get the chance to work away in your furniture.

Our Top Tips

Do sofa cleaning regularly with the help of a damp, clean cloth as this will help remove easily removable dirt, pet hair, and anything else that has attached to your cover. By regularly wiping your furniture down quickly, you can make sure that everything looks clean and fresh and that your upholstered furniture stays clean for as long as possible.Below, read what you need to do for a successful and secure upholstery cleaning:

Collect and remove objects and then vacuum
When the thought of cleaning upholstery comes, don’t just jump into it. We all are habituated in keeping objects under and on the upholstery and forget about them. So, take your time and collect objects like bottle, toys, remote and so on. If they get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, it would be difficult to detach them, and both the object and the cleaner may be damaged. So, collect and remove all the hard items and them start vacuuming the place.

Look for cleaning dos and don’ts
All the upholsteries are not made of same materials, so they have particular cleaning guidance. Before you apply any technique, make check whether it is recommended or safe. A little mistake or negligence can cause fatal issues. The item can be soiled completely.

Verify the cleaner before using
Loose dust and dirt can be removed by vacuum cleaner, but for stain and mark you would need chemical solutions. If you don’t have any idea about the cleanser, never apply anything on the object without being confirmed. Check the label of the product before buying and go through all the guidelines well before using them in your upholstery cleaning.

Choose blotting than scrubbing
It is not surprising that you have slipped your cup of coffee of the cup of wine on your sofa. What would you do then? Try not scrub the area. The constant to and fro scrubbing would affect the upholstery to great extent, and ultimately the stain won’t be removed. So, as a better and easy step, use blotting paper that would soak the spill instantly. If any mark remains, dip cotton cloth into water and gently press on the affected area.

Prevent overusing
If you are unable to get rid of the mark at a time, it is not that you need to use more cleanser. It is a wrong notion that more cleanser means quick and better result. Instead of doing so, the chemical would leave a bad stain on the upholstery or the colour may fade out completely.

Let it dry
After cleaning, wait until it is dry completely. Don’t use the object or don’t let your kids or pets jump on them. Otherwise, the whole effort would be spoiled.

Be patient
It may be that due to use of hot water or cleanser, the affected areas may get stiff or it may take some time to get back in its former colour and shine. Don’t be impatient. Be gentle on them. In case of emergency, you can use soft bristled brush to make the area soft.