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5 Tips to Maintain Leather Furniture at Your Home

Leather furniture looks elegant and adds to the decor of your home. Maintenance and cleaning of leather is not an easy task as merely wiping with a wet cloth is not going to help. Let’s have a look at 5 tips that will prove handy to clean and maintain your leather furniture:

1) Dusting and Vacuuming regularly
If you dust your leather furniture regularly, it will help in not allowing the dust to settle on your furniture. Even after dusting many particles are left and that can be taken care of by vacuuming. Vacuuming removes debris and dirt from the crept and crevices of the furniture that is unlikely to get cleaned by normal dusting.

2) Don’t allow the stain to settle
Though, leather does not get stained easily still care must be taken to clean any kind of spillage immediately. You can use a soft dry cloth to clean spillage. In case the spillage has left stubborn stains, you can use soft wet cloth to clean it. Keep in mind not to clean greasy or oily stains using wet cloth as it will worsen the condition. Trust a professional cleaner to clean such stains.

3) Nourishing and conditioning of leather
For leather furniture regular day-to-day cleaning is not enough and it requires professional cleaning. It also needs to be conditioned on regular intervals. Olive oil or hide food can be used for the purpose of leather conditioning.

4) Test any maintenance product before using it
You should not trust every other product available in the market for maintenance of leather upholstery. It is always better to test the quality and effect of the product by applying it on a corner of the furniture so that if there are some undesirable effects the whole furniture can be saved.

5) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Make sure that you don’t expose your leather furniture to direct sunlight as it can lead to discolouration and then later cracks. Try to keep it away from all heat emitting objects to keep it in good condition always.

Keep these tips in mind and your leather furniture will be as good as new!

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